Intelligence for iPhone

Video games are no longer young things. Thanks to the broad market and the variety of users, from small children to elderly people, the variety of genres covers the tastes of any video game lover.

If your smartphone is an iPhone we are going to show the five best games of intelligence. An ideal genre for these casual games, for moments of relaxation, but above all to activate the most valuable thing we have, our intelligence.

Cut The Rope

The first title is Cut The Rope is another fun game where our skills were put to the test. The mechanics of the game may seem simple, we have to get that candy should reach our friend hungry mouth. To do this we will have different tools like ropes, pumps of SOAP that rise it, springs that bounce around, etc…

That Yes, if you want the highest score we must collect all the stars that appear on the screen and that complicates things. A game where skill and speed to find suitable movements are essential. It has a sequel called Cut The Rope: Experiments is also highly recommended by

The Heist

The Heist, a puzzle game in which we will have to solve various challenges if we want to access the contents of the safe. With four types of different puzzles and a total of sixty variants make The Heist is a great game with which defy our ability and see if we are able to solve each of the challenges.


The game of sudoku, a 9 × 9 composed by subtables of 3 × 3 Board where we should place numbers from 1 to 9 and that these will not be repeated in any column, row or subtable, which was fashionable long ago continue to Captivate and making many players enjoy. IOS devices would not be less and also have your Sudoku games. Therefore, if si os gusta you like we advise you Sudoku for iOS.

Cross Fingers

Cross Fingers is one of game’s puzzles that I’ve liked more. Addictive and with a degree of difficulty that while the first levels seems to be simple increases with the passage of the phases and becomes really complicated. Based on the ancient Chinese game Tangram where we must go moving pieces of wood, Cross Fingers you won’t disappoint.

Where is my water?

Where is my water? It is the title of one of the most entertaining iOS games. Created by the own Disney, back a childhood appearance hides a game with levels where we will have to show our true ingenuity. The purpose of where is my water? It is to bring water to shower our sympathetic friends Cranky and Swampy. With an incredible fluid physics challenge our ingenuity to overcome their more than 200 levels.

I hope you like the compilation that we propose. And remember that you can also play these titles in the iPod Touch and some even feature updates for iPad with optimized graphics or independent universal updates to the device.