Information on Carp Fishing

Balaam (capo)
Refers to the outing, which is not caught fish. Someone who has not been caught is the “shaft” / is “nose over”.

second most protected species worldwide, after the dolphins. It’s better than prirodozashtitnicheska perspective but irresponsible reproduction has led to over-population of otters, which have reduced stocks of fish in many rivers. Then they are directed to non-flowing waters and now otters are much greater threat to commercial reservoirs in the country.
It seems a lot of money on water bodies to protect them, as it happens most often with electric fences.

Two rings and rotating body. Virbelat stands between the main line and the occasion and its aim is to reduce twists. Furthermore, many installations include swivels to improve freedom of movement. There are many types swivels – small and large rings with equal halkichi with several rings, each of which is used in various situations and for various installations.

Swivel rings with
swivel, which at one end has a larger rings. They are made to offer the installation greater freedom of movement.

Highly attractive fishing bait
That’s prearomatizirana fishing bait, often for fly fishing with vivid color. Commonly used by as a single bait for fly fishing or above the  protein pellet visual attraction.

There are many artificial flavors added to the bait to increase its attractiveness. Do not yet know exactly how the fish “smell” this bait, but some odors are more successful than others.
It is often said that most fragrances on the market are more about sharandzhiite, than for carp.

Water snail
These are the snails that live in freshwater. They enter the menu of carp. If found in large quantities can cause carp to revolve around them, and thus he ignored the bait fisherman.

Circle in the water created by the movement of the fish, for example in large movements with the tail of the fish. These circles are usually issuing the sign of fish and an experienced angler can tell whether this is a sign of Eating fish or just passing. These circles can be very obvious, or less noticeable, so keep your eyes open!

Greatest impact on fish has time. There is no universal answer to the question of time, but must adapt to the given conditions. Watch the weather before the trip, paying attention to temperature, pressure and wind.

Most modern carp rods are made of carbon fiber sheets to reel seat, guides, handles and more. Selecting rod can be a minefield, because things like test curve and share price is a huge factor. Ask at your local shop for advice and refer to “Test curve” for more details.

Overhand knot
easiest knot to make, and one that many know as grandmotherly unit. Although not used for tying hooks and swivels, it is used in carp fishing in tying thread for bait.

Palomar knot
type unit commonly used by sharandzhiite to tie line to swivel, rings and sometimes hooks, depending on the installation.

Whipping node
node popular sharandzhiite using solid rigs or Chod ones. This unit is a bit complicated for tying, but once mastered it, you will not have problems.

Grinar unit
known hub for attaching a swivel to the fiber core and in some cases hooks to montages. This is a good unit for use with fluorocarbon and monofil, but  must  be wetted before being tightened.

Unit leaders for
knots used to attach the leader to the main line. It is important to make sure that this unit is reliable and passes safely through the guides of the rod. Also any accessory mounted on the line must be able to pass through this junction – Lead cones, hoses, beads and more. Many lakes forbid the use of shock leaders.

With their help line attached to swivel, hook etc. The ability to tie knots safe and healthy is vital to sharandzhiyata. Take the time to learn the most popular knots well. Do not forget to tighten the knots carefully, as previously moisten them if fiber is monofil or fluorocarbon.

“External” tab
This refers to the type of hooks, in which the ear is directed opposite direction of the blade. The reason for this is that it is suited to the use of rigid monofilament fibers in Chod rigs and the like. Ear helps to maintain the correct angle to the line where the ear inward could. Therefore, ear hooks out are treated as “hooks argues montages.”

“Internal” ear
When the ear hook is paid to the inside to the edge of the hook. This helps the mechanics of installation in many cases.

Temperature and the wind direction play a significant role in the behavior of carp. There are some basics such as: “Follow hot wind” and “fished behind the cold wind”, but remember that these are only guidelines. Be prepared for the unexpected things may develop back of your assumptions.