Information about Sleeping Bags

What sleeping bag to take? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when choosing equipment for mountains, sea, lake, etc.
Sleeping bags are divided into seasons: – a season which are mainly winter that reach 30 -40°C which are extreme temperatures. Produced mostly by large manufacturers of equipment and the prices are quite high: 200 -800lv.

As a seasonal bags we can add the summer, with very small size and weight, which is a huge plus for people on foot or cycling. The purpose of these sleeping bags is to regulate body temperature you may not be too hot and at the same time would not freeze in a sharp drop in temperature. Each sleeping bag has a table or graph of temperature limits. Produced by almost all manufacturers offering flannel sleeping bags. Prices are in a wide range of 30-300lv. Next aretwo or three season are the spring-summer and autumn are mainly made ​​for mass consumer who will use them once or twice year. At their temperature limits are averaged for summer. The prices here are great differences all depends on who the manufacturer is. I hope I’ve been helpful if you have questions do not hesitate to ask. Winter sleeping bag – type mummy summer sleeping bag – standard three seasonal sleeping bags – type mummy.