In What Order Should You Apply Makeup

Better put before the foundation or concealer? the light eye shadow should be put before the dark? the powder is put after the blush? These are some of the questions that are usually posed to me by friends and girls who write to me. Nell’ chronological order of application of make-up products are the universal rules of common sense and technical reasons, as the main rule we must always keep in mind that the creamy product is always put before the powdered products that, in fact, serve to set makeup.

In What Order Should You Apply Makeup

Let us see what can be a type of application sequence of 11 products:

  1. Corrector for dark circles

To mitigate the clear dark circles concealer goes dotted along the gently wake. This operation must be repeated several times dabbing the product to obtain a satisfactory effect. Keep in mind that if the Ehuacom groove is very dark and bluish concealer to be effective must strive to ‘ orange , this color being complementary blue makes less visible dark eye socket.It ‘very important to choose the right color corrector because if we apply a light concealer on dark un’occhiaia get a grayish color that will further enhance the furrow instead of mitigating it!

  1. Foundation

After correcting dark circles can apply makeup, there are various types and depending on our skin type we will have to choose the one best suited to our needs. To find the perfect foundation we must first find out if for us is more suitable liquid foundation, compact or mineral. (Read:  Liquid foundation, compact or mineral? What and how to choose? ) And know how to choose the right color according to our undertone (Read: FOUNDATION: 5 rules to choose the right color ! ). Personally, with the arrival of summer, I prefer to use foundation eco-bio without parabens and silconi because they are lighter on the skin and not clog pores. One of my favorites is the eco-bio foundation of Avril  (Read: Review Foundation Avril 100% natural ).

3. Eye Primer

To set makeup for hours it is essential to apply a good primer on the entire eyelid before proceeding with makeup eyes. The primer, in addition, will make the color of the eyelid more homogeneous and the color brighter eyeshadow.

  1. Powder Transparent

To fix our basic face  is essential to apply the transparent powder. This product sets the trick without changing the colors and can be applied several times during the day without weighing down your face. It ‘very important to apply the powder in areas where makeup tends to drool: inner and outer corners of the eyes, eyelids, nose wings and corners of boccca.

  1. Clear Ombretti

The clear eye shadows are applied before dark. To open the eyes apply light eyeshadow in the ‘inner corner, the center of the eyelid and under the brow.

  1. Dark eye shadows

Dark eye shadows must be applied successively to clear shadows depending on our preferences.

  1. Eyebrows Makeup

After rigged eyes let’s fix the eyebrows. Remember, eyebrows should never depilated before makeup to avoid redness. I usually limit myself to fill with the pencil those areas where the hairs are thinner. It ‘important not to completely change the shape of our eyebrows, we saw in the article Make up: 11 errors (or horrors) to be avoided as this is one of the worst mistakes we can do!

  1. Blusher brown powder under the cheekbone

To give more three-dimensionality to our face and create an optical effect which makes it more sfinato we can apply the blush or bronzer powder under the cheekbone. With an angled brush then we suck your cheeks inward and apply the blush, starting from the ear in the hollow that has been formed up to a half eye. (Read: How to sculpt the face with enlightening and contouring in 6 step-PHOTO and VIDEO TUTORIAL )

  1. Lip Pencil

The lip pencil, which should be the color of our lips lipstick or we’re going to apply, allows to define the boundary  and make the trick p ver durable . He begins to outline the mouth from the middle of the upper lip and go on the other parts in order to make harmonious and natural contour. It ‘very important to choose the lip pencil the right color, keep in mind that making the outline with a very dark pencil is now a trend that does not go out of fashion and that can be very vulgar.

  1. Lipstick

After applying lipstick on her lips we can stretch out a tissue and fix with plastic powder, so the trick lips will stay perfect for hours (Read:  How to apply lipstick and fix it for hours- VIDEO TUTORIAL). To choose the right lipstick color to your complexion, the color of your hair and the shape of your lips you should read Perfect Lipstick: how to choose the right color!
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  1. Lip Gloss

Finally, we can apply our lip gloss to make our shiny and voluminous lips! (Read: How to give volume to the lips with make-up! PHOTO and VIDEO).