In the Devil of Concept C300 Wireless Test

The devil of concept C300 wireless connects, as the name suggests wirelessly via a USB dongle with computer and sounds powerful, very adult, and with a fantastic bass reproduction.

Active speakers are so handy for the desktop, how to connect it to a laptop if you use it in the entire apartment was so unresolved so far. This problem speaker Devil took up now: the Berlin managed just off the cable between the computer and boxes set.

Are you like that? With a small transmitter that is promoted in the USB port of the laptop, and looks like a conventional Internet tick. Even with the comfortable surfing on the couch he doesn’t bother, and the connection worked perfectly right off the bat. The acoustically relevant components was fortunately also not saved: even the small satellites that can be placed with the supplied mini stand well on the desktop, are designed as 2-way models with high quality fabric dome tweeter.

The subwoofer, in which sits the entire electronics, is built like a small PC case in the height and can be so conveniently positioned. When the devil woofer must be acoustically unfavourably, the bass level adjusted up even with the remote control.


Devil and Canton optimize their sub/sat-sets of less uncompromising neutrality, but rather on level reserves: squeeze out of manageable volumes the subs 109 (Devil) or 107 dB (Canton), where the limitations of the DM2 satellite in practice is not crucial.

The different voting revealed already the different purpose: the Canton are easily height-stressed on axis and sound therefore parallel to the wall about televisions, the best. The light height drop of the devil again would be great, damped rooms to muffigem sound lead. Such a vote is but quite reasonable on the desk, aimed directly at the listener.

Hell again!

The technical relationship between the concept C200 USB (AUDIO 11/09) was noticing immediately in the listening test. Incredibly strong, the concept C300 wireless started with Jeff of Beck’s “Brush To The Blues”, unleashed a truly highfideles bass Fireworks. It never played the rhythmically resilient low-frequency in the foreground, but harmonized beautifully with the satellite.

Voices like Willie Nelson at his “come rain or come shine” which was rather small devil, the quiet atmosphere of the recording kept but with a rather soft tonality and the rich Foundation well.

Orchestral sounds, but lacked in the heights but significantly to shine, and resolution, but what will not interfere gamer and pop/rock listeners, which rise with the concept C300 wireless a unique practical and at the same time party-grade set.