Illegal Repeaters Gives Poor Mobile Coverage

Telecommunications companies experiencing problems with illegal signal amplifiers, which interfere with cell signal and gives poor coverage.

Telecommunications companies are increasingly experiencing problems with illegal signal amplifiers, which can improve mobile coverage in a small area.Signal amplifiers are also known as repeaters, and are illegal to use, since the rights to the frequencies used lies with the telecommunications organizations, writes telecom industry.

Repeaterne are typically used in warehouses or in cargo space on ships, in order to give a better cell signal. But while the signal might be better for those who have set the Repeater, can signal completely disappear for the neighbor.

Mobile networks are structured so that the frequencies used in the best possible manner without disruption. A repeater using a random frequency, thus creating problems for the established networks and eventually disrupt.

Business Agency has now focused on the area, and is ready to come out with measuring equipment, to find the offending repeaters.

We discovered in having a set up an illegal repeater, is fine for the first time at 10,000 kroner and second time 15,000 dollars.