If You Want to be a Pokémon Master, Find All on Google Maps

The 1st of April is only tomorrow, but Google has already begun to publicize their fun and games to date with Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge. It consists of a real challenge increased in which you can see the Pokémon by screen mobile and capture them. It will be great emotion!

The company says in the video that is in search of a Pokémon Master to work at Google. To find the bugs, you need to explore the world with Google Maps on your phone. The app shows an icon where there are hidden Pokémon, so it is up to each aspiring best coach in the world go to this place and expect to find – be it a mountain, sea or the city. People who catch all the Pokemon will go to the Googleplex to compete with other great masters for the vacancy.

Of course it’s too good to be true: the animated creatures in augmented reality do not exist, or the job – it takes a little more than search ability on Google Maps to work at Google, unfortunately. But Google Maps Pokemon, yes! To start looking for them, just update your Maps application.

Google still had the whim to put Pokemon on fertile ground – you do not find a Gyarados in the Consolation Cemetery in São Paulo, but in Ibirapuera Lagoon, yes. And it has an integrated Pokédex to take control of how many are missing to capture all the Pokémon.

Who will be the first to capture the 150? If you want to be one of the best coaches in the world, you have until April 2 to search for all.