HTC Teaser Ahead on M7

19. February holds HTC large press event in London, where the future top model is expected to be launched. The teaser for the event.

There is nothing new in that technology firms make marketing advertising, which must tease for their forthcoming products. But often reveals a little about what to expect.

As late as yesterday, we also wrote about that LG teased for new products and probably made ready for Mobile World Congress.

HTC has also earlier this week been out and tease a little too that we should expect anything new in 2013 when it comes to audio and camera experience.

But it is not enough HTC continues to tease and just sent a mysterious picture out to the German press, so expectations for their event in London Tuesday the 19. February has not abated.

However, it is unclear exactly what the latest image from HTC to be mean. The image depicts a heart, which is connected to a circuit with the text ALIVE SOON. It writes the website our site.

Our site is present at HTC’s event in London on 19 July. February.