HTC One X +, Thoroughly

Until now there were only rumors, but they have proven to be very faithful to reality. HTC unveiled the One X +, which comes to cooling Android offering in the high range of the Taiwanese manufacturer.

The HTC One + X incorporates x One more performance, more battery life and more storage capacity, and will arrive at stores with 4.1 Android Jelly Bean This month.

HTC One X + is the One X, doped

The new HTC One X +, as already it should suggest the name, is neither more nor less than a performance upgrade of the already on its powerful HTC One X. Thus, the One X + incorporates a processor NVIDIA Tegra 3 AP37 quad – core to 1.7, increasing performance by 67% over the HTC One X LTE.

To give life to this new processor, the One X + includes a 2100 mAh battery that, according to the HTC, provides 50% more than talk time, and even more time in functions not related to the phone.

The storage capacity is doubled with respect to the original, reaching HTC One X to the 64 Gb, the rest of its specifications are maintained, and you can find them in the information we publish when you saw the light.

Sense 4 +

At the same time that the terminal, HTC has taken advantage of to present an updated version of your customization layer Sense, including the function Tap and Go, allowing fast connection and disconnection with wireless speakers Beats Audio.

In addition, HTC Sense 4 + includes a new video Hub, It allows all video content in Sense of unified form, and the media library now shows images and videos grouped according to when and where they were taken.

Improvements in the camera software

A new self-portrait mode It allows you to capture high quality photos by detecting human faces in different angles, and allowing apply filters to the skin and eyes, and Sightseeing gives direct access to the camera, even with the phone off.

Easy configuration

HTC Get Started is a new web service that debuted with the HTC One + X, and that guide the user during configuration and customization of the phone from the computer. Once configured, by touching a button the settings it passes on the phone directly.

HTC One X +, availability

The HTC One + X will be available in Europe This month, Although prices are still unknown. In the same announcement, HTC has confirmed that the official update to the Jelly Bean for the current One X and One S will also come in the month of October.