HTC Facing Downward Revenue Curve, But Still Lose Money

In the past two years, revenue from smartphones been constant downward for HTC, now the M8 turn things around.

For 28 consecutive months have HTC sold fewer and fewer phones and earned less and less money, a horror scenario that now seems to be reversed.
By the end of March this year increased sales with 2.2 percent compared with the first quarter last year, but the positive news also stops here in this place.

Although sales have increased a bit, then the revenue only in the region of one billion dollars, which is less than the HTC itself had expected. In other words, it provides a total loss greater than we had expected and hoped for.

HTC M8 is, as you know, almost just been launched, here put HTC rely and expect to see earnings at the bottom line as early as next quarter.

It is hard to see a former phone-giant fight so much in order to survive in a market they formerly flourished in, HTC also admits that they have created even more errors. Among other points they themselves on their problems to market itself as well as to overlook low-and midrange segment.