HTC Closed Its Offices in South Korea

The market of South Korea has been historically difficult for foreign manufacturers, well by that wouldn’t let them sell, or that House, Pantech, Samsung, and LG, brands dominated market share without space for others (more than 90%).

With Android and iPhones last doors opened enough, and companies such as the Taiwanese HTC took the opportunity to settle in the country, with its own offices, controlling localised distribution and advertising.

Unfortunately the adventure has ended in this sense and HTC has taken the decision to close it these offices, and although they have not given specific reasons, means that it is not profitable for the results you are getting.

HTC had 2% of the Smartphone market in the Asian country during 2011, and happened to have 1 percent in the first quarter 2012. We remind you that the last month of June already They closed the offices in Brazil, also with a 1% market share, leaving just the customer service.

The efforts of HTC seem to be aimed at China, where growth is higher, with a wider price range of phones, and with less hassle to launch products in the market.

The company expected a recovery in the second quarter of the year with new phones One, that is not so, and the market of Smartphones increasingly is it are handing out more between Apple and Samsung.