HTC Are Optimistic with 2013, Considered Last Year Had a Failed Marketing

The CEO of HTC, Peter Chou, has admitted in an interview to The Wall Street Journal, the Taiwanese company failed in their marketing actions last year, unlike his main competition, which has been very strong and accurate by presenting their products (logically speaking of Samsung without naming her).

The year 2012 has been negative in what regards financial results and market share, but are optimistic about 2013, since they consider it will be a bad year, since the worst thing has already happened.

HTC has to sell better

The first thing you are planning to change is spending on marketing actions, which will be increased, since last year did not do enough so that people know their products. It is not only a question of spending more, but of hitting, and for that there is a different strategy.

The Taiwanese have recently changed important parts in your chart, guiding profiles does the marketing. In November they hired Benjamin Ho as new advertising Chief, previously at Motorola.

The other aspect which have that work is the capacity of reaction and adapt to the needs of the market, rather than a continuous range, must be quick to understand what products will be that people want to.

HTC is one of the companies that fastest growing technology industry, initially at the hands of Microsoft, to then lead many Android (like American) markets, until Samsung decided to do with it.

This year the proposal seems that it is still two bands with Windows Phone and Google’s operating system. We have no doubt that the products that have recently presented are of quality, at the height of the best, but as they say, you have to make them known.

We leave behind a year in which have also tried to solve problems in courts, as the agreement with Apple to not enter into more legal wrangling.