How to Wear Transparent Leggings

It’s hard to find a girl in her wardrobe, which would not be fashionable pair leggings. Most often considered dense dark leggings. They can be worn with a long shirt tunikoy or surround svitshotom. A lover of outrageous prefer brighter leggings featuring color, American, galaxy or animalistic prints. But you know something transparent legginsah? You may have seen them in stores with tights and sexy lingerie, but did not know what they can wear while opportunities for a wide variety.

Combine Leggings with Clothes

First we have to define the term “transparent leggings.” Externally they greatly resemble without sewn sock. According to the shopping site, leggings end at the level of ankle or slightly higher. Composition of the same: nylon, spandex, sometimes a little cotton content. Usually leggings complete with a decorative framework which can be quite low-key, or the opposite – bright and interesting. Leggings structure can be smooth or discreet includes paintings, imitation mandatory or mesh inserts.

We will now analyze where to dress sexy transparent leggings. Suitable following cases:

  • Can let with sandals or shoes with opened the nose;
  • Placing on leggings boots instead quickly tights;
  • With dark leggings to conceal small flaws in the figure (cellulite, hips);
  • Wear them with skirt / dress;
  • Sexy leggings can dress for special occasions.

Such models legginsov especially helpful during winter. Nylon sock in constant contact with sapogom fast enough crowded, and this leggings, combined with thick socks can be worn much longer. After the coming of spring boots can be a change of shoes and continue to wear leggings is already without sock.