How to Wear Sweater Dress with Accessories

Long knit sweater (sweater or dress) – one of the fashion trends, timeless. The main advantage of the dress-sweater is that it hides the flaws and emphasizes the dignity of the figure. Knitted Dress free breed is perfect for women who are not necessarily emphasize the waist.

The ability to wear a knitted sweater dress – a skill, the acquisition of which may take some time, because it can be worn as a stand with transparent or thick tights, and in combination with jeans, leggings or a skirt maxi. Day in a dress, you can go to work, and in the evening – on a date or in a movie.

Dress-sweater is perfect for the cold winter months, but to choose the right “pair” for it can be quite difficult. Knitted dress – something in the style of casual , but if you know how to wear it, you can improve how easily, and how to reduce the degree of formality of the ensemble with a long sweater. Here are some tips from Anycountyprivateschools that will tell you what you can wear a dress-sweater.

With belt. Dress-sweater can be quite shapeless and baggy, which is bad for the figure, it is desirable to intercept it at the waist with a belt. This will create a clearly defined feminine silhouette “hourglass”. For a thick knitted dresses need a wide belt to avoid the contrast. Please note: if you’re going to wear a sweater dress with belt, look for more free patterns that are not flush against the body.

On top of clothing. A well-chosen ensemble layered with dress-sweater – great for fall. Wear a long sweater coat with black tights and a warm scarf. The freer sitting sweater dress, the more stringent should be the silhouette coat. To add more details, try to wear the shirt under your dress-sweater.

With tights. Tights look great paired with a free dress-sweater. Wide range of colors of knitted dresses this season is closely related with the current trend – thick opaque tights. They can be self-colored, to match the dress, or with a pattern. It is these tights perfectly complement the dress-sweater, creating a single image. Dense black tights – the most popular and safe option, but you should pay attention to the stockings with a pattern, and colored tights. To keep warm, add another layer – wear wool socks over tights.

With accessories. To transform the modest dress, sweater and turn it into a glamorous thing, use luxurious accessories. Elegant long necklace, long pendant earrings or wide shiny bracelets will help you with this. If you are looking for a way to give new life to a favorite knitted dress, look for accessories.

Wear a dress on one shoulder. Dress-sweater on one shoulder is perfect for an evening out. Highlight the beauty of bare shoulders with long earrings, pendants original design. In order to look chic in the evening, choose a fitting knitted dress on one shoulder. Finish this sensual and feminine way to help a clutch of shiny leather and high heels.

With boots. Lovers of youth style stylists recommend wearing knitted dress -sviter with boots. Ankle boots are particularly relevant in this season, so pay attention to the boots of black leather thick heel – in combination with a long sweater they look very stylish. In addition, the sweater dress also looks great paired with high boots to the knee.

Select fitting dress. Sheath dress-sweater, follow the contours of the figure, perfect for special occasions. Stop the choice on the model of a thin jersey. Since this dress follows every curve shape, emphasizing some of its shortcomings, it makes sense to wear under his corrective underwear.

With contrasting textures. Do not underestimate the tactile sensation: try to combine sweater dress with contrasting textures – the result will delight you. Wool sweater dress would look great paired with a smooth leather jacket. The perfect complement to knit dress will become accessories of shiny leather and metal.

Thinking about for how to wear a sweater dress, make sure it fits your figure. Spend the money on a good corrective underwear, if it is needed.