How to Wear Long Jeans Skirts

The denim skirt is one of the most popular garments for women. He is very versatile and a real all-rounder, as it can be worn not only in summer but also in winter. The following explains how it is best to combine the winter to make the outfit a fashionable highlight.

How to Wear Long Jeans Skirts

wearing jeans skirt in winter with tights or leggings

The Jean skirts are real Styling miracle in wardrobe. Even in winter, they make a great figure, but the skirt should be clever in the cold season and combines stylish. Here plays as the main criterion, the use of tights or leggings a very crucial role. These keep the legs warm and on top of that they emphasize it also.

Well suited are opaque tights while rather should be dispensed with fishnet tights or transparent nylons. The color may be chosen as desired, being black is a popular classic. The color goes with everything. But even a brown or dark gray tights are ideal. If the temperature drops even lower, the winter, the end be commanded with warm cuffs on an opaque tights. They are not only functional, but also fashionable too. Cuffs are worn to the ankle. However, denim pregnancy skirts can also be hoisted.

combine with jeans skirt turtleneck sweater, jacket and matching shoes

Thus, it is not cold, the choice in the cold season should fall on long sleeved tops. In winter, the denim skirt is best with a blouse or if it is too cold combined with a turtleneck sweater, a scarf and a jacket. This can for example be a cardigan, a leather jacket, a trench coat or a long winter coat. Regarding the shoes are hardly any restrictions and it may be selected according to preference. An exception are open shoes because they do not match the tights. Instead, Pumps, Boots, boots, ankle boots or Lederschnürer are well suited. For an outfit has been developed which is suitable for winter use. Whether mini or maxi, light or dark, embroidered or plain, the denim skirt is available in many Macharten. Thus, each woman finds the matching skirt for itself, which corresponds to their taste, fashion style and character type.


These were the tips of denim skirt can be best combined in winter. It turns out there quickly that the classic is an all-rounder and does not have to remain in the closet in the cold season. It can be worn all year round and can be combined well with numerous other garments and accessories. The denim skirt blends easily with almost everything the cabinet so hergibt and adapts to every situation and every occasion the wearer to.