How to Wear Bra Correctly

Our bras, we like as we hate them. Even if we find them handy-especially when you have a large chest-we appreciate still be able to remove them at the end of the day. But if in fact this underwear was not good for our health? A new study suggests that the bra would be responsible for headaches and indigestion.

For some time, researchers seem to want in our bras. There are two years, one of them said that this underwear was affecting the health of the chest causing relaxation of the tissues, and that women would be better off without it. His study had the women’s side of the loud noise, especially because most of us did not see happen this support every day.

  • Headache, Indigestion… Blame the bra?

Now it is an investigation launched by the lingerie brand Triumph denouncing ills our new bra would be in charge. Problems that n ‘have a priori nothing to do with our chest. And yet they are connected! Indeed the study explains that bras may also cause indigestion or migraines, and even tingling in the arms.

  • Attention to Your Waist Underwear!

Rest assured ladies, all bras, including sports bras are not harmful to your health. Only those who are not the right size are. According to Triumph, 76 % of women still wear the wrong size bra, gold, too tiny bit compress the nerves, muscles and blood vessels at the shoulders, the chest and back, creating the problems mentioned above. on the contrary, too bra will cause posture problems to offset the weight of the breasts. Worse: they will come to weigh on the diaphragm, creating breathing problems and in some cases of heartburn or indigestion. the solution? the next time you go buy lingerie : have your measurements to be sure to choose the right bra!