How to Wear a Cap? Everything Man Needs to Know

The cap is one of the most controversial accessories of men’s clothing! This is a fact.

How to Wear a Cap? Everything Man Needs to Know

There are those who love cap , be it to compose the look, to make the style more fun, or simply to hide the hair and protect it from the sun. And there are those who hate and consider an adolescent or rapper accessory.

We are part of the first group, of course. But there are the right ways to compose the look with style without looking like a kid or 50 Cent.

Today, we want to help you and show you how to wear a cap.

It is possible to find caps of different types, so it is important to know which style most suits your face type, size, style, among other factors

In this post you will see:

  • History of Caps
  • Hygiene
  • Caps for each face style
  • How to wear a cap according to your height
  • Types of caps
  • Caps Styles
  • The types of flaps
  • Conclusion

So let’s go threergroup?

History of Caps

Although some similar pieces were recorded in several moments of history (the first one more than 6 thousand years ago) to protect the head, it was in the baseball that the piece was consolidated in century XIX, in the United States, through an amateur called team Brooklyn Excelsiors , in 1860.

As much as the players used to protect themselves from the rays of the sun, the accessory became popular among the young Americans of the time after advances of the material, which was formerly made of straw and wool.

With the improvements made, the use of fabrics and the shields of the printed baseball teams, the caps have gained versions very close to those we see today and have become popular all over the world .

First, by other sportsmen, like skaters, tennis players, golfers and surfers. Then by the youngsters looking for more funky versions of the popular hats.

Therefore, this story of what is adolescent thing has no historical reason. The play was first of all incorporated by young people, but those responsible for popularizing the accessory were athletes .

Even Barack Obama, simply the most powerful man in the world, wears a cap:

So, do not listen to this talk that cap is teenage thing. Like everything in life, just know how and where to use.

In fact, just one color models very similar to those popularized by Baseball have recently come into fashion. They are called Dad Hat (we’ll talk about this later).

  • According to our friend Wikipedia , the word boné came from the French word “bonnet”, which in turn descends from the medieval Latin “obunnis”, meaning “kind of cloak”.


First of all, it is necessary to end the myth that wearing cap cause calvice and dandruff.

What causes dandruff and other hair problems is the incorrect use of the cap !

If you wear cap all day and every day, one hour or another this will bring you problems. The scalp needs to breathe. Use the accessory only occasionally, and when you are at home, do not even think about it.

Another important factor is to always wear a cap with dry hair. Do not fall into the bullshit of putting it right after a shower or entering the pool or the sea.

Another tip is to always wash your cap. You do not go months without washing a shirt, do you? Why the hell do you think you can do this with your cap?

Hygiene is one of the key aspects for you to know how to wear a cap the right way.

Oh … If you like a cap , I know you’ve used at least once of someone else’s. But wearing your friend’s cap is not a good idea, just as it is not borrowing yours.

A cap model for each face type

Before we start talking about the variety of styles and types of caps , it is important that you know which model looks best with your face type, to take full advantage of this accessory has to offer.

Armed with the information below, you will have much more ability to know how to wear a cap in the best possible way.

Round Face Caps

The best model for those with a round or oval face is the straight flap cap. Wearing a cap with the flap facing backwards is not a good tip for anyone who has this face shape.

Long face cap

If you have a long face, try wearing a cap with the flap facing back. When you wear it with the front flap, your face will look even more elongated.

Fine Face Cap

Try to wear a cap with the curved flap and / or use the back of the cap so that it does not extend beyond the wider lines of your face.

Square Face Cap

For those who face the square format, the ideal would be to use the models with curved flaps. You can also try using the military model.

How to wear a cap according to your height

With the accessory information for each face style, you will choose which types and styles of cap to wear.

Now, you will know how to use it according to your height.

If you are down, wear the cap always pointing up . Wearing the cap in the same hair color is also a good idea.

For taller ones, it is best to use models whose flap points to the center.

Caps Styles

Printed Cap

The tip to use printed caps is to incorporate them into a more basic look, letting the cap be the most attention-grabbing piece. It can make a big difference in your style .

This type of cap is more used on a daily basis, on more informal occasions.

It’s worth wearing a cap like this with a shirt too, and not just with shirts , as long as the shirt model is more stripped.

The print can be on the whole cap or just on the flap (as in the photo above).Whatever. The tips here apply to all cases

Monochrome Cap

The cap of a color finalizes very well a look in different circumstances.

For example, you can be in a more neutral outfit and choose a strong and different color cap to be the most prominent piece.

Or, you can choose a cap with the most neutral color and opt for a printed shirtor a more flashy color. In this case, the shirt that will be the most prominent piece.

And lastly, you can choose a single color cap that matches the color of one of the other pieces you are wearing.

In all cases they are great solutions to increase in your style.

Neutral Hats

These caps have more than one color and are usually more closed, with a more discreet appearance for the cap.

In this case, the ideal is to combine well with the rest of the garment without a part need to stand out more in the visual.

Types of caps

Snapback Cap

The Snapback Cap is what owns that famous plastic accessory for size adjustment.

If you are one of those who always likes to vary the styles, choose the snapback .You can leave the cap fairer or wider, depending on how you are on the day.

Trucker Cap

The Trucker Cap is a traditional model that has returned to fashion recently. Its great differential is this small screen in the back, which gives a greater respite to the chorus.

Undoubtedly, this kind of cap is best suited for a sunny day.

Strapback Cap

Lastly, the last type of cap is not so famous.

The Strapback has another form of head adjustment, with a kind of metal buckle. It may be an alternative if you like adjusting the cap size and do not short the snapback.

Types of flaps

Curve tab

Curved flaps are the most traditional types of flaps.

After all, it’s all started for people to protect their visions from the sun’s rays, and the best way to do that is with their rounded flaps.

So if you wear the cap for any sport, such as tennis, golf, a simple run or the goalie of the 90s, opt for the curved flap cap, which is also the best model to go to the beach or club.

This type of flap is also best if you are not as young anymore

Straight tab

The straight flap cap is what demands greater style and today is the most popular among young people. After all, he shows some rebelliousness with a skateboarder’s footprint.

The straight flap cap has been sidelined for some time, but that’s past.

He became famous for the use of American rappers in the 1990s and popularized mainly by the success of New Era, which is now a bill worth billions of dollars.

Conclusion on how to wear a cap

As we have seen, the cap is one of the main male accessories able to ensure a stripped-down style in clothing.

For you to get well, you just have to know how to wear a cap and consider all the variables of that accessory. In this post, we have given you several tips to help you choose. But, of course, it all depends on the style of each person.

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