How to Select Proper Pillow

Each of us knows what it means pillow and how important it is for our restful and healthy sleep. But where it really originated and how it reached its present form and function?

It is interesting to know that its origin comes from Egypt and Asia. Chinese pillow originally made of wood, porcelain and stone, but later they produce and textiles. In fact pillow is highly appreciated in Asia. Later takes place in Europe. Immediately after entering the Old Continent it becomes an integral part of man. Before using the pillow for sleeping, it was used only at birth or illness.

The cover and pillow filling up. Often her stuffing is used straw Puhalo and feathers. Today, however, it is produced from synthetic materials such as foam, synthetic fibers and others. We all need a cushion, thereby increasing and producers.

It’s nice that they created different types of pillows whose filling can be hypoallergenic for allergy sufferers, they prevent the accumulation of dust and microorganisms.

On the cover of the pillow it is important to note that it is good to choose one that can be separated from it in order to ensure a clean and healthy environment and good hygiene.

Nowadays we produce mostly three types of pillow cases according to Epillowcases – decorative, standard or orthopedic. Decorative serve mostly for decoration and to give a sense of completion of a decor. Standard are about the size 50h70sm., Square 41h41sm., Large sizes are – 50h90 cm.

Orthopedic serve to correct body posture during sleep. They help head, shoulders, neck and spine to take the correct position. They are made of foam and fiber. This pillow can alleviate problems from which we suffer – snoring, insomnia, breathing problems, neck pain, back problems or sciatica. It helps us to get the correct position during sleep, as fits its shape around the back of the neck.