How to Pass our Photos from iPhone to Mac

If you have a smartphone, safe within it have a good collection of pictures taken with him: family memories, our trips… Many memories which are then stored and often do not copy on the computer because we see more our mobile.

If you have an iPhone and want to pass them on to your Mac, today you teach How to do it step by step. In technology you to you we explain the procedure which, although it is simple, it is possible to not see at a glance which PC is different. We are going with this.

First step, our images on the reel

When you open the photo app in iOS, you can access the spool. Or what is the same: the photographs that we have done with our iPhone. From here we can manage them, delete them, share them in an email… However to pass them to the computer we need something more.

When connecting it to a PC with Windows the process is very simple because we simply explore photos as if it were a flash drive. However, on Mac it’s different but it’s not more complicated. To do this, we just need an application that comes embedded in the computer: image capture.

Second step, the ‘Image capture’ application

All Mac computers include an application called ‘Image capture’. We can be found in the applications menu and it is responsible for Managing photos and videosfor devices that you connect via USB. If not jump when we connect our iPhone, we only have to open it manually.

To continue only, we have to take our iPhone and connect it to the computer. Close iTunes, if we are not going to use, and open the image capture application if not us tripped before automatically. This is done, let’s see what appears on the screen.

Third step, showing our photos

Will then leave us a window as we have over these lines: thumbnails with the photographs that we have, a file name and all ordered list according to the date in which you took them. I.e. above the oldest and at the end will leave us the latest.

If we have videos, you can tell apart them because the file extension will not be jpg but mov. This what we see in the file name that will appear on the right. Remember that this application only applies to keep content, not to send files to your iPhone.

Fourth step, passing them to the computer

Now all we need is to Select which photos we want to save. We can spend all at once either only a select few. This is done, just below select the destination folder. Finally a window indicating the status of the transfer will appear.

When he disappears it will be over and our images will be at the computer, as well as the iPhone. If you have any questions, you can ask whatever you wish in the comments.