How to Match Floral Leggings


One of the leaders of the latest must- seasons are the leggings, which is a very tight pants reminiscent of the pants-tights. Match this piece of clothing is relatively simple, just follow a few simple rules and you’ll always just the hand a suitable outfit for every occasion. Follow this brief guide and you’ll discover how to do.

In the market there are leggings of multiple materials, colors and patterns. The bright colors best left to those who have a very slender physique, for those who have a few more pounds would be ideal to opt for dark colors like black or dark blue allow you to hide physical flaws and is very easy to combine with both leaders plain, both with fancy clothes. Precisely with regard to the latter, better focus on those little eye-catching and show no weaknesses. The same holds true for materials, choose the most suitable legging your physical and pair it to members long jerseys, mini dress type, or if your forms do not, choose allow something wider but that cover you at least to the loins. If you are still young and age allows it, you can wear it over the leggings ankle, a simple mini skirt.

Even if you love the leggings in all its varieties of, be aware that not all models might well stay there. The short-knee leggings is mainly suitable for people in shape, or elongated, as a person with some extra padding on the legs could aggravate the situation. The height of the person is indifferent as you wear it well is if you have 1.80 m or 1.50m. The short leggings are to be avoided in special occasions, as best suited to a casual or sportswear. Very interesting is rather revealing leggings ankle, they’re good at all as lengthen and slim the figure. In addition, they are also suitable for an elegant evening. When we wear the leggings must keep one thing in mind in the head, the leggings are not pants and therefore should not be allowed in the same way. To avoid drop style best not to combine with shirts or sweaters are too short leaving uncovered the lower back.

We now think to footwear. Unless you opt for an outfit sportswear, avoid running shoes that weigh down the figure and convey an image of you neglected. If we are in summer, opt for sandals of all shapes and patterns. The dancers are perfect, they are chic and casual at the same time. In colder periods green light to more or less high boots, with or without spikes. For special occasions, to give a touch of elegance and sensuality the legging can be combined with high shoes, platform, with ankle bracelet or jeweled sandals. Since, however, avoid the stiletto heel.