How to Match a Maxi Dress


How to Match a Maxi Dress
Fashion changes constantly, as we well know. In recent years, most of the designers have oriented their own ideas about very mini skirts and shorts that leave little to the imagination. Today the trend is changing and the return on the catwalk long dresses.Contrary to what you might think, modern cuts are well suited to each event : you can wear them at social events or in everyday life. In this guide we see how to combine along gown.

When you think about a long dress, you immediately think of something challenging, suitable for special occasions, it is a perfect choice for an event important, especially if it happens in the evening. If, however, we choose the right dress and the right accessories, it can become a constant companion in everyday life.

First you have to think about the cut of, so think of a model that can adapt well to your type of physique: choose which part of the body you want to highlight. For girls without curves is perfect an outfit clean lines and adherent to the physical; if the excess fat accumulates in the hips choose a maxi dress (refer to fitting at the top and screwed, to choose one empire to promote Breast and hide the bacon (warning effect ‘pregnant woman’). Obviously you have to choose a dress that makes you feel good about yourself.

If you want a long elegant dress, the cut must be the major soft tissue, such as silk, lace, satin. Colors can be the most different, then they will also go the very bright colors accompanied by rhinestone decorations. Always according to the type of event, you might opt for plunging necklines that leave completely backless (combining one shawl to cover everything). On the contrary, a long daily dress will have a more simple cutting, any type of color and imagination, simple and common fabrics like cotton.

As for the shoes, the ones more suitable to a stylish suit and opportunity are quite a jewel sandal, definitely a high heel and chic, a color that matches the dress. They can also go lower jewel sandals. For a more simple and everyday clothes are perfect bass sandals, ballet flats or even the ankle boots.

Another accessory that can make your look for the occasion is the bag. A clutch bag or a clutch, strictly small and elegant, they are perfect for an important occasion. For everyday green light to shopping bag, the maxi bags (or mid-size bags for the bassottina) or straw bags for a beach look.

Try to match your dress with a leather jacket and studded accessories, for a rock look; a large hat and big glasses sunglasses for the beach; an elegant shawl or a blazer with precious jewels for a particular event. In short, totally changes the look with the right combinations.