How to Duplicate Your Mobile Android on TV Screen

Mobile phones and televisions do not stop evolve and, to date, have managed to reach a point of union and understanding. If you already enjoy watching TV on your tablet, is the time experience on the other hand, enjoying the applications of your smartphone (and also the tablet) on television. It’s really easy to get to see the screen of the mobile TV. We have many options and in addition, if we have a Smart TV and a modern Android mobile still it’s easier.

How to Duplicate Your Mobile Android on TV Screen

Do you know how to connect it wirelessly? Today we are going it to explain pasito a pasito. so you can see that enjoy the mobile on TV screen is simple and is also useful since it will allow us to see pictures, videos and even play. Keep reading cellphoneexplorer, you have everything.

How do we set up the TV?

Prepare our TV is really simple. The first thing, and essential, is that we have to make sure that it has WiFi Direct or DLNA. To date, almost all the Smart TV have it so we just need a TV with these characteristics.

Then we have to configure the option to be able to share the mobile screen on the TV. By default, most TVs have disabled this option by what we have to go to the configuration menu and find the option to share the mobile screen. Depends on the brand, the name will be different but we should see something like the above or also Miracast, WiFi Direct or DLNA.

Once we have found this option, simply enable it. Now, any Android device that is connected to the same WiFi home network can share the screen of your mobile phone or tablet on the TV. I.e., not anyone who pass may do so, only those who are in the local connection that you have configured. Now, we are going mobile.

How configure your mobile phone or Android tablet?

We already have our TV viewing of our mobile-ready. To set this up we will need to have installed Android 4.0 or higher version. If we do not know which version we have, only have to go to the settings menu, go to ‘About this phone’ option, and inside it will show us what we have installed.

With this done, now set the phone. We go back to the settings menu and go to the option screen. Inside, we should show an option that shows “double screen” give and it will automatically begin to search nearby televisions.

The list will appear to us our TV, we click on it, we wait a few seconds and we should leave the screen of the cell phone. It’s that easy, no need to configure anything else. It is a very simple process, without cables, and that gives us a lot of things.

Some mobile phones, such as for example the Sony Xperia, have the option of doubling the display in a different menu. For example, the Sony Xperia Z1 has it on a menu called connectivity and through it we can duplicate the screen. However, it is normal to do so as I have explained before, so have done to set up a Bike G.

If you have any questions of the process do not hesitate to leave us a message in the comments. We are here to answer your questions because even though the process is simple, sometimes set it the first time can be a little confusing.