How to Deal with the Games of a Cat

In Addition To Having A Lot Of Energy, Puppies Need Cat Train To Become Great Hunters

Hello, friends of the Pet channel. Today I came to talk a little bit about the cat.

Who has a baby cat at home, especially the first-timers, may not understand some of the behaviors that have just arrived. And is superimportante to deal properly with it, in order to create peaceful and adults who can interact well with the human being.

Energy That Never Ends

Baby cats as well as dogs tend to have energy to spare doses to “ready”. Who has or has ever had one, you know: racing from side to side, clumsy attempts to scale sites that are still very high for them, curiosity that has no end or pursuit of anything that moves. These are everyday scenes when we live with a new kitten and, incidentally, a lot of fun.

Not to mention on the heels to try to grasp with all four legs everything that moves, including the legs or arms of the people, which can scare and even hurt the most unsuspecting.

Are all natural behaviors, but you need to be well targeted to ensure that peaceful coexistence and with less chance of scratches and scares.

Why Act Like That?

Cats are animals with a strong hunting instinct. In nature, are solitary predators, they need to search, sniff, peek and shoot down the prey in order to feed and survive. All this “strategy” demand skills such as the ability to move quietly, with stealth and concentration that observe a potential prey, the boat.

So are these masters in the art of hunting, they need training. Yes, train to be excellent. And this training begins at the puppy food. That is, in addition to plenty of energy, the jokes that are usually more like aim to end make them perfect hunters, plus great climbers. The behavior is instinctive and the motivation arises exactly from there.

So, in addition to the energy level higher than that of an adult, they like to chase and grab everything that moves in your front.

How To Act

Thus, considering that this is a natural behaviour of cats, we should direct the games to toys and situations that will be enjoyable for everyone, people and cats, advised by Gametate.

For example: when we interact with a cat, it is important not to use your hands and forearms to stimulate you, because it will tend to grab and kick with the small and sharp nails. The ideal is to have a plush toy in hands so that this is the “object” of sharp puppy claws.

Similarly, we should encourage the stalking behavior, but with toys appropriate for this, as those with a mouse or pen, that synthetic pulled and gives the impression to the puppy, a moving animal. The fun for the puppy is guaranteed: they are delusional by chasing the “prey”.

If you know how to play with the cat will have no problem

And when the pup still trying to grab members of people, we should interrupt the game to make it clear to him that this behavior does not generate a cool interaction with humans.

These measures are important especially for the cat grow realizing what behaviors have good consequences (interaction and jokes) and is not reinforced the jump or scratch people.

And in the more Valley enjoy the puppy stage, which provides moments of joy and fun!