How to Combine Your Clothing: Practical Tips for Men

Yes, okay we accept… It costs men an awful lot to combine the clothes of our outfits. That is why, below we explain how to combine your clothes in an easy and practical.

How to Combine Your Clothing: Practical Tips for Men

Tricks For Men: Learn To Combine Your Clothes

The 7 Basic Garments In Your Wardrobe

Very easy. Yes or yes you have to have the following clothes because they can always save you from a hurry, they are very easy to combine and with small changes you can go from a casual look to a more formal look:

White shirt: the basic garment par excellence. You can not live without it. If you have many, try those with your Mao neck according to

Vichy box shirt: will help you have a variation on white shirts. If you do not have any, start by buying one with navy blue.

Cashmere sweater: Yes, they are a little more expensive than cotton or traditional wool, but they are a good long-term investment.If you have the collar better, you can put it on top of a shirt.

Dark blue blazer: a key piece to breathe a casual business look.

Pants: Your wardrobe has to have at least a good selection of jeans and Chinese (basic Chinese brown camel and some jeans to wear an outfit denim).

Belt: the accessory most underrated by men and is vital. Never wear the same belt for all your looks. You must have at least 3 or 4 different belts.

Shoes: beyond the sneakers there is life, we assure you. The essential ones to dress your feet are: some sport shoes (for example a  desert boot ), moccasins and black lace-up shoes.

Do you have them all? Good keep it up.

§  Do Not Forget That Details Make The Difference

Another tip to combine your clothes well is not to belittle the details.Smaller garments  such as shoes, ties, socks or belts have to match the chromatic range you wear. In this case, the  complementary living colors are valid to risk and provide a plus of personality. Instead, for larger garments (suits, jackets, shirts, pants) choose softer and muted tones.Surely you will triumph!

Dress From Head To Toe

Do you know what 3 things a man’s women look at? Eyes, hands and feet.Footwear and socks are a weapon of seduction for women. That’s why you should not forget to properly combine your shoes with the rest of your look.

If you do not know how to combine your suit with your shoes we leave you a very graphic table according to the color of the suit and the shoes:

Remember: Size Does Matter

Calm down, we’re not talking about what you have between your legs. We talked about the sizes of your suits and your clothes. You have to take into account your physiognomy and body to combine the clothes. You have three options:

Slim Fit: ideal for slim and athletic bodies, stylize your body and lengthen your legs. Avoid it if you have stout legs, especially twins.

Regular or Straight Fit: ideal for intermediate bodies, as they have a straight cut. Neither lack nor leftover.

Comfort or Relaxed Fit:  ideal for men who want to hide those other kilos. This design is more comfortable, without becoming loose.

If you want to wear a tight look but you need to lose a little weight, we recommend that you download one of these 3 apps to exercise. They are great and now you have no excuse!

Let Yourself Be Advised By Personal Shoppers Online

The best advice: Ideally, let yourself be advised by a professional person.Our personal shoppers online,  experts in men’s fashion will recommend you how to combine your clothes and will propose your best looks and combinations according to your profile, taking into account your measurements, physiognomy and personal tastes.

Soon more tips and tricks to combine your clothes