How to Combine Leggings

From what to wear trousers?, the question Today is one of the most popular in stylish, young and energetic women. But when that piece of wardrobe has just appeared on the catwalks, many believed that it will stay there, it has no place in ežedneviet. These people are deeply flawed. Today, the variety of leggings is simply amazing: different lengths, styles, decorative items, textiles, total for all tastes, and most importantly and in my purse.

Popular leggings can compete only with wedge. The secret is simple: they look great with almost any piece of clothing, but also suitable for various occasions. These clothes are not only loved by celebrities and models, as well as ordinary women. The only problem is that not all of them know what to wear with leggings.

If we go back in history a little leggings, the sooner they were only part of the male wardrobe, especially the Hussars and their name is formed by the fact that the first leggings are made out of Elk skin. Currently, the materials become much more. Designers are using beautiful, light, and breathable fabrics, which are also well prepared. In addition, it is important not only to understand what to wear with leggings, but also to find a suitable dye. Solid model of bright, cheerful colors should be selected young girls, and for the club or party are ideal for leggings with crystals or made of shiny material. women, who love to surprise and conquer men prefer Leopard or Tiger panty.

Leggings are without age restrictions, they will find their place in the wardrobe of a young girl and, in the case of a woman who became a grandmother. Pantyhose tolerate different neighborhood in creating sets of clothes: women’s t-shirts, tunics, sweaters, dresses, etc. and a wedge with a skirt will look stylish and elegant.

Fashionistas create sometimes quite unpredictable clothes ensembles. Pantyhose with shorts, sneakers, and black and white print of the season will look like the latest fashion. This combination gives a very perky and cheerful image.

If you don’t know what to wear with leggings, they, unlike the wedge can be worn with short end. Of course, it’s worth doing only those with seductive shapes and good figure. Try wearing leggings with animal prints, asymmetrical jacket and high heels and those who prefer a quiet and conservative options, leggings can choose mid-calf, and combine them with a long tunic and Ballet flats muted tones.

Asked what to wear with leggings, it should be noted that they attract a lot of attention to the shoes, so try to have a few nice pairs of shoes: boots, boots or shoes.

Now, at the peak of popularity of tights with pattern it can vary, but one thing always looks stylish and attractive with the tights with a model, you can create as a daytime and evening ensembles. The main trend of the season-leggings with stripes. Especially now became fashionable to combine piece wardrobe and cocktail dresses.

Despite everything, I still wear pantyhose tights made in place pants instead of not. So, tunics, dresses, shirts, blouses, and oblong, short sweaters and jackets-crucial. look great with leggings mini skirts cut a variety of materials and styles. Young people are particularly likes to combine them with denim skirts.

As you can see, the answer to the question “what to wear with leggings”, you don’t have to worry too much-the table of options. The main thing is to find a unique style and exquisite surprise surrounding set of clothes in the closet. every woman should not only leggings, but also, uniquely, tights.