How to Clean Beaded Necklaces

To keep your jewelry always shiny and bright, you must first make a targeted periodic cleaning. This guide will illustrate various methods to properly clean a necklace made with beads. The cleaning technique will vary depending on the type of material with which it is composed. Wipe the pearls properly it is important to preserve the beauty of the same over time. We see PAULDIGO then for how to choose pearl necklaces.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • ethyl alcohol
  • cotton cloth
  • olive oil

The necklaces that require periodic cleaning because the skin sweat, being acid, lose the shine at pearls.
Cleaning them is not difficult. We need, however, a lot of patience.
First, dedicated to cleaning the hook closure.
It must be done gently so as not to deform. Remove any hair that may have stuck, if necessary assisted by an earwig because if they tear your fingers the catch you may spoil.
After removing the hair rubs this part with a wad of cotton soaked in ethyl alcohol. Givest then check that wire for wear, to avoid cleaning the necklace the beads do not slide off due. With a soft microfiber cloth or cotton begins to sprinkle the entire surface of the necklace.
Do not use cotton wool as this can leave lint and removing them may be difficult.

If your necklace is made of colored glass or plastic beads, clean it will be simple. You can put it directly under warm running water and rub gently with mild soap. Rinse well and dry each element. Using a linen towel and gently blot, do not rub or pull because the thread may strip. Be careful that the thread is completely dry, because otherwise it could soak and then break. To prevent this, passes on stakeholders the hot air from your dryer, keeping it at a distance of half a meter.

If the beads are high-quality material, or inlaid with gold and silver embroidery, you’ll have to be more careful. In this case, take a rag clean and soak it with denatured ethyl alcohol. It then passes the rag on each bead. After you’ve finished the work of cleaning, leave the necklace to dry resting it on a cotton towel, away from light and heat sources. Finally, if the beads are of river or made with cultured pearls, the only product that you can use is the olive oil or flaxseed oil. Clean them according to the procedure described above. Never store the jewels in their containers immediately after having been cleaned, because they need a certain amount of time to lose all traces of humidity.
Remember to do this cleanse with some regularity that depends on the use that you make of the jewels, if you wear them often just once every two months, if occasionally twice a year.
To prevent your pearl necklaces be ruined with moisture, you can put in the box where you store them, a packet of silica stones that retain moisture and preserve the beads from any stains.
Failing that, you can also take ten grains of rice and put them in a bag near to pearls.
In doing so the rice will absorb moisture and your pearls will retain their shape over time.