How to Choose the Right Size Sunglasses

Parenthesis: how to choose the size of a pair of glasses?

It’s time to make a brief aside on the sizing of a pair of glasses . You’ll see, it’s really stupid. Size glasses has three numbers. In the case of model Union is 49 / 19-145. Normally your size glasses is even printed / engraved on one of the branches (except that “/” is replaced by a square).

The first number (here 49) corresponds to the maximum width of glass in the horizontal direction. You can imagine that we will have to avoid the 60 mm (see the Midnight Special ) if you have a thin face !

The second number corresponds to the width of the bridge (the bridge is the part that overlooks your nose and connects the two lenses). The Union , it is 19 mm separating the two glasses, while it is only 16 mm on the Midnight Special ). Again, we intuitively understand that if you have a very narrow nose and choose a wide bridge, the glasses will tend to slip into the nostrils.

The last number is simply the length of the branches.  Here, you just learned how to read in 30 seconds the size of a pair of glasses!

IMPORTANT (and because I know it can easily fall into the overthinking ):  I very strongly advise you to leave this to choose your pair . Do not say, “Well, I need a 55 / 17-140 because I think a 50 / 18-137 does not suit me”. No, there, reasoning like that, you’re in for a good headlock.

It is fitting that overrides everything else, your overall feel and taste that first need to guide your choice. After all, have fun watching the size to give you benchmarks. But above all, it must NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, be the first thing you look at on a pair.

And as such, I will tell you a little anecdote: the Midnight Special better suited to my face off, I feel more comfortable, especially at branch level. Except … they have smaller dimensions than the Unions!

The Midnight certainly have a glass of 60 mm wide, while the Union have a glass of 49 mm, BUT Midnight are narrower and shorter legs (16 mm bridge width and 140 mm in length of branches, against 19 mm and 145 mm on the Union ).

Like what, the feeling in the dressing is important because everything on paper would have pushed me to think that the Union were more suited to my face. That is why I insist once again: do not focus on sizing the millimeter, although it is very reassuring, because quantitative and rational (the opposite of taste). End of parenthesis.

The Finishes of the Union Model

Side materials, it is still on the branches titanium plated 12-carat gold, but this time the matte black acetate beautiful effect.

.Platelets are different here, their construction is more traditional and they do not reach the excellent comfort of Midnight . Logically, it is the same for the felt.

Platelets are certainly more traditional, but it’s still the top wafer quality titanium plated, with “D” and “diamond pattern” engraved on it! On the outsides of glasses, you see a little black protuberance with a screw that is used to remove the glass.

In conclusion, it is facing a very nice pair, with a design much easier to bear than the “Aviator” brand, but which retains its identity brilliantly.

The last word: Dita, “Power Sunglasses”?

Sometimes called “power look” of “power suit” or “power shoes” to designate rooms where “you feel like a lion” to paraphrase Lino Ieluzzi . Well, I think every man should experience the pleasure of wearing at least once “power sunglasses”, says Pauldigo.

Dita perfectly excels in this category, and as long as you like the bold step and search for brand quality (especially if you’re tired of seeing only Persol or Ray Ban ), I can only encourage you to try running a few models