How to Choose Down Jackets

1. Smell the taste of down jackets, if the smell is acute or ignored. It was explained that goose down is more expensive than duck down goose down and tasteless and delicious duck. But as already mentioned, duck and goose down is handled in the same way Kashmir (if it’s a duck or goose down) belongs to the certified product, do not buy.

2. To look down on signs indicating the basic information is complete, mainly down content, charging down hair types and manufacturers of basic information, but generally does not include the amount of information that can directly consult the manual for shopping.

Touching down jacket 3 allows the inner layer, and if you think prickly to explain this high content of items in the coat (see. Specific reasons above on the “down” concept) should not be very good quality. If you do not deal prick, that means dress down content is relatively high, heat is better.

4. You can see a couple of down jackets are taken together, use the same surface respectively hold clothes more quickly bounced down the quality (state filling high power). Cashmere coats with the same filler, larger (i.e., puffy down jacket) better quality.

5. And finally blow beat down if all Pooh or dust appears, it means that down proof down jacket fabric is very poor or needle stitching is too large, which will cross the thin down jacket down jacket, waterproof and breathable not so good, which does not recommend purchase.