How to Choose a USB Flash Drive

Well quite difficult, a person can not find the knowledge of such an electronic device such as a flash drive. Due to its technical characteristics, mobility, optimal shape and ease of use has been displaced into a leader in the portable data carriers and from the use of CDs. However, despite the popularity of flash drives, many of the users an incomplete understanding of these gadgets. Therefore, if you includes your knowledge of USB space, read our new guide, and you can easily select the correct option.

As with all other media, from flash drives have a number of features and functions that pay attention before buying.


This indicator is one of the highlights in the selection of the stick. It determines the amount of information that can be burned to media. This is the amount of available memory and gives basic settings.

The first flash drives were quite small amounts in the range of tens or hundreds of megabytes. But thanks to technological advances, today’s drives can already accommodate 256 or more gigabytes.

Today, the minimum quantity for the USB drive as a 4 or 8 can be GB. The most popular among the users because of unacceptable for the average buyer prices at the 16 and 32 GB flash drive.

When we talk about the cost of these devices, we can distinguish certain regularity. Thus, the volume of the USB device is a number that we get from the purchase to the nth degree. This indicates that the following number is obtained from the memory of the previous doubling.

Consequently, the volume of GB 32 is pretty fast growing, and growing with them and their cost. It turns out that for the 64 GB, up to 2 times more you pay. But, despite the high price, “high volume” stick use of consumer interests. Albeit to a lesser extent than the GB models 16 and 32

Of course, in such volumes not stopped the memory manufacturer. So, today you can buy a USB flash drive with 512 GB or 1 TB. Their value has reached such an extent that a simple memory stick they dare not mention.

Read / write speed

Of course, the amount of storage space for many an important point in the selection. But if the characteristics of the read / write speed also play an important role.

USB flash drive 32 GB Transcend JetFlash 700 32 GB TS32GJF700 supports USB 3.0 and most USB hubs and has a LED.

It is important to note that the read speed is always higher than the recording speed can be the difference considerably. In this regard, it is necessary to clearly define how the drive is used.

For example, if you plan previously stored on a flash drive, update in this case, information often, the recording speed in principle not play a major role.

The low-cost version of Flash devices typically achieves a read speed of 10 to 15 MB / s and write speed-3-8 MB / s This option is ideal for the frequent exchange and transfer of small-volume files (documents, spreadsheets, presentations , audio files, etc.).

A more expensive solution in the read speed is about 20-25 MB / s and write-10-15 MB / s, ideal for transferring and storing files is more like video.

It should be noted that there are also flash drives have higher rates, but these solutions are very expensive.

The index read / write speed also depends on the interface used in the device. Who of USB interfaces are the most popular USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

In the case of 2.0 we get the capacity up to 60 MB / s, but to be honest, in practice it is only half of that value. USB 3.0 also allows you to transfer data at a rate of up to 600 MB / s. It should be noted that the presence of your flash drive of the latest version of the interface does not guarantee, the specified speed.

The fact that the purchase of flash media with USB 3.0 is only justified if it provides clear, read / write speed of up to 60 MB / c. is connected on the other hand, standard USB flash drive USB 3.0, the USB 2.0 connection will be guaranteed to see (to operate at a speed of 30 MB / course, with the maximum read / write speed flash drives must be at least 30 MB / s).

It is also erwähnens the existence of flash drives, the interface microUSB use value. It allows you to support a USB stick to the smartphones and tablets, the USB OTG to connect.

Flash Card Transcend 8GB JetFlash 560 TS8GJF560 with retractable connector features a USB 2.0 interface, is a method of reading at 18 MB / s and write – 10 MB / s

Also, do not forget to pay attention when choosing the name of a particular brand and model of the device. For example, if you see the words on the box-type “ultra fast” or “hi-speed” Then there is a strong possibility that such a device is guaranteed to be high-speed data exchange.

This option, as well as the reliability of the stick is directly dependent on the manufacturer.The quality among them are:

  • Transzendieren;
  • Goodram;
  • Kingston;
  • Silicon Power;
  • SanDisk.

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