How to Buy Gold Rings

The gold is one of the most noble of metals market. Because it is rare in nature and cannot be manufactured, not the most expensive but is on the list of high cost materials. The story of the man and the glamour with gold rings comes from ancient times and there are several legends about the power of the golden metal on health and rejuvenation. Leaving the glamour aside, using gold ring is synonymous with status, buying power and luxury. Combines with any visual style and worth investing even for a resale in later. Golden grass is getting more expensive.

Gold Ring Original or Fake?

The experts point out some traces to determine if it is a ring of gold in your hands or not. One of them is scrape a little surface with any metal object. If it is not gold, you will see the surface of metallic parts, in fact at the bottom, in general. It’s a common trick of jewelers of bad faith are just a cover in gold or a metal so gold when with chemical manipulations, so the color seems a lot, but it’s not a noble piece.

Official marks the famous Jewelers help identify whether it is gold or not. Large or small gems usually mark the piece from the inside or in bands made of beads with the purity of the gold, if 11 k, 14, 18, 22 and 24. 24-karat jewelry, because they are more expensive, are often almost rule have the markup to enhance even more the value of the product, very common in the middle.

Discolorations in the play help to show that is a jewelry. You wouldn’t believe the quality of fake products, in particular rocks. “Professionals” from the area know very well how to make steel in gold with ease and leave the same color. But with the handling of the play even to try to sell pieces with cost of R $ 10 to manufacture for 500 R$ for allegedly dealing with a gold ring.

One of the tests to know if it’s gold or ring is not biting. Not with force, but notice if the ring will bend or not. Depending on the metal it will cede the teeth and show not be real gold. The use of a magnet is also a simple tip. Some cheaper metals will join the magnet with ease and it attests to the veracity. If the seller won’t let you do not do this, you already have your proof without problems.

Where to Buy Gold Ring on the Internet

One of the most reliable shops to buy the product. The jewelry store has products in gold, silver and white gold, from earrings to rings of high quality. You can select rocks and totally change your play in colors and styles. You have to know your measurements to order rings, but there’s an easy-to-read table on the site of rings for stamping.