How to Buy a Thermos?

It looks easy, but it’s not. Coffee and tea addicts know how hard it is to keep the taste of liquids and especially the temperature longer. The market has several options for thermal bottles and I’ve always heard that buying good quality bottles is a matter of luck, but let’s try to unravel the mysteries so you can acquire something more suitable and longer lasting.

The problem of thermal bottles, which does not keep the heat of liquids for longer, is that, in addition to the material that may not be good (those with glass interiors and plastics are not good) is that the model of open and close to remove the coffee For example, you may not be adapting to your reality. At the moment you open the thermal bottle the hot air out and the cold air enters and stays, cooling the indoor temperature. If you open the bottle all the time, this process accelerates and the bottle will cool quickly.

Tips for the Timeto Buy the Thermal Bottle:

Do you take the whole coffee at once or do you like to save it for later? This question will determine the opening scheme of the bottle you’re going to buy. If you don’t like to save the coffee and take it all at once, then opt for doughnut cover models because they are cheaper and are ideal for those who take all the coffee at once. So you just have to choose the size. Now, if you keep the coffee and you’re taking it all day, opt for bottles that don’t need to be opened constantly, so you avoid the heat exchange. There are those on the market that you squeeze through the lid (model button as in the image below) and the liquid comes out, these prevents you from opening the bottle to remove the coffee.

Type of Material that Comprises the Bottle:

According to novowaterbottles, there are thermal bottles with the interior of glass, plastic and stainless steel. Specialist says the best is to choose stainless steel for the resistance and for allowing coffee or tea to be warm longer. The glass has less heat retention than stainless steel and plastic has the tendency to release bad substances at high temperature. Then, opt for bottles with stainless steel interior

Thermal Bottle Size: Choose the bottle that will suit complement the quantity you take from the liquid. Example: If you only take 500ml of coffee or tea choose a bottle with this capability, because placing the hot liquid in too large bottles still cooler the drink, because when you open the amount of cold air that will enter is greater.