How the Newborn Registry Must Be Made

Birth registration is very important because this is the first and most important document that a child can have and without it, your child will not exist before the state and will not be able to fully enjoy the rights coming from being a Brazilian citizen.

How the Newborn Registry Must Be Made

Forming a family and having children is among the plans of most people around the world, but we know that Brazil is a country with a lot of bureaucracy and there is a lot of care needed to have a child.

One of these fundamental care is to proceed with your birth registration.

What should be done to register the child?

The essential document at this time is the child’s DNV. DNV is the Living Birth Declaration.

This document is provided by the maternity where the child was born. This document specifies that the child was born alive, in addition to the place and time of birth.

Parents also need to bring documents. If the parents are married, just one of the two attending bearing RG and marriage certificate.

Separated or unmarried parents

In case the parents are not married the father can make the registration taking his RG, the RG of the mother and of course the DNV.

If the father is not present, he may be represented by a statement with a recognized signature, or by granting a specific power of attorney and registered in a notary’s office for registration.

Single mother

The mother can register her child only with her RG and the child’s DNV. If the father does not want to appear, the mother must speak to the father at the registry and the latter will be later called by the court to clarify and recognize the paternity if he does not want to face a process of recognition of paternity.

If the mother is in doubt, she can indicate more than one name so that the judge intervenes the possible parents until one recognizes the child and may even require a DNA. It is only after some candidate recognizes paternity that the father’s name is included in the certificate.

There is still the option of the woman not wanting to indicate a father and in this case only the name of the mother will consist.

Mother under 16

In this terrible situation the mother must be with a responsible one of her, like the child’s grandmother. Even so, the adolescent may be instructed to sign a science term of the record, to avoid a challenge after it reaches the age of majority.

Son of Brazilians born abroad

The child can be registered with documents already known at the nearest consulate, and it is important to indicate a place of residence in Brazil. If not, the child will be registered as originating in Brasilia.

I go home

The health professional who provides assistance to the birth at home must issue the DNV, which will be used to register the child. The registry officer may or may not request birth witnesses or prenatal checkups.