Holie B Marks, Maho Fashion Entrepreneur

Taking advantage of this next Minerva Fashion 2015, I share the interview with one of the designers whose brand will be presented within the framework of this event. I hope you enjoy it, this interview was published in April in the journal Suite Jalisco.

Holie B Marks, Maho Fashion Entrepreneur

When I was invited to collaborate in this edition focused women in the section of entrepreneurs, within the fashion industry find various characters but as well advise me my friend Fabiola Murguía, the best example of an entrepreneur’s fashion 100% Guadalajara that it has managed to grow and make your business grow is María José Castro Aldrete, better known as MAHO who start their brand of swimwear called HOLIE B in 2006 and has managed to grow and expand even counting with clients abroad in countries such as Turkey, Lebanon and Germany to name a few. Proud graduates of the University only specialize in beachwear at the Instituto di Moda Burgo in Milan Italy to subsequently pursue the Bachelor in business administration and complement with a Masters in fashion business in the International Fashion Academy (IFA) Paris Campus Shanghai according to Sportsqna.com.

The trajectory of the brand is indeed interesting, this account with a great national exposure since he has participated in events such as Intermoda (the business of fashion fair more large level Latin America), Google Plus Fashion (the platform of digital fashion more important country backed by Google), but also international to have participated in the DAFF Shanghai in China and within the Florence Shopping Party in Italy.

After seeing this interesting formation and career arose the curiosity to know more I present the woman so then a little interview that make you:

Is who Maho women?

I am very active, creative and curious. I like music, sports, read and learn everything. I am 31 years old, for a year I’m MOM and so consider myself a thousand more happy dots.

That type of entrepreneur are you? How do you define yourself as an entrepreneur?

When I hear the word entrepreneur, I visualize a person dressed in costume with a portfolio and with a serious face. It is not for nothing my case. Define simply as someone who makes what excites him and found the way of living it. It makes me very happy to see that women use my designs and feel attractive and comfortable using them.

Would that event or event framework a part water in your career?

There have been several. The first was when I started to produce large scale thanks to a person who relied on my work and played it with me in that first production of 3 thousand swimsuits. The second was when we stopped working together and I continued with the business on my own, and the third was when I moved to China and began to work with an incredible team from there. I was designing in China, a textile designer working from Argentina and all occurred (and produced) in Mexico. We were already working in three countries. My clothes started to sell in China, Nicaragua, Mexico and online around the world!. I had customers from Turkey, Lebanon, France, Germany etc.

Because fashion? Because swimsuits?

I always wanted to be an astronomer, but at the end of high school, I realized that without realizing, from very small it was designing my clothes. My mom took me to fabric stores and asked him to do me with some strange fabric trousers, a shirt, dresses etc. And that clothes really liked my friends. Me di account that was more creative than math, and I liked to express my creativity in clothing. I’m a woman from beach and waves so what more I bring as are swimsuits. 10 years ago I started designing swimsuits, the offer was very low. I could not find suits that liked me, so I started first by my bikinis, then my sister, sister, friends and thus grew the network.


Is the more difficult to be a businesswoman in fashion in Mexico?

Clients. The market has become very complicated and honestly we are ourselves responsible for allowing it.

The people don’t want to invest in Mexican designers products, want a long term of credit and/or deposit product. However, they buy other brands mostly imported cash and higher priced product. It is difficult to explain to them that we have no solvency to give credits and less to have a so delicate product as swimwear (for health) to provision across the country. Suddenly I meet people who say: “I love to support Mexican talent,” but in reality they don’t buy products, they give you a chance to put your product in their stores charging high commissions and demanding rotation of product at the end of the season. That generates a tremendous lack of control in inventory! Apart they want 30 days to pay for being that they already received the money of those products! That really supports is the final consumer. That is why the great success of the bazaars, however I believe that it is not enough to have growth as a brand and company.

What are some of the projects you have on door?

We are producing the 2015 summer collection and working on the 2016. We are working with a representative in the USA in order to have product ready to ship to our customers by internet and clear to achieve new wholesale for export customers there. Record the new campaign video and photo shoot. Expand distribution in Mexico and taking part in a very important fair of fashion in Colombia.

As you will see, to be a true entrepreneur in fashion is not only to study design, a true entrepreneur within the fashion industry should know to complement its spectrum with different disciplines that enable you to have a more accurate vision.

I appreciate the opportunity that provides me with this publication to present before you the Mexican fashion industry information and talents and if you are interested more about the topic you can visit my web site our site which is a portal specialized in Mexican fashion with Latin America. If you want to contact me you can do so on twitter at @JacobPulido