Hit Look for the Professional Environment Makes a Difference

They say that the first impression is the one that is. In real life, in some cases until there is a second chance, but she’s hardly given when it comes to work. Therefore the personal appearance is critical to professional success, and the right clothing can make all the difference to the conquest of that opening or closing an important business.

Hit Look for the Professional Environment Makes a Difference

The personal image represents 70% success in his career, says a survey by the American Institute HighBeam Research. “But that does not mean that the person has to meet the standards of beauty as a runway model. She needs to be attentive to details that will improve her image, as the pieces right, “says fashion consultant Bia Kawasaki.


The atmosphere is professional, and you have curves very well done, you have to be careful so they don’t stand out too much. “Everything that is related to sensuality should be avoided at work, how very pronounced necklines, short skirts, transparencies and leggings,” the consultant, which complements: “sloppiness is also not forgiven. Old or worn clothing, shoes without being properly greased, dirty hair, with dye or cut losers are just some examples of what can cause a bad impression”.

Without Fear Of Making Mistakes

The job market is very diverse when it comes to clothing, so even if your company is a little more liberal, havingcommon sense is essential. According to Bia, “If your job calls for social costume, you can invest in suits, dressesor tailleurs made with higher qualityfabrics. However, some pieces fall right in many professions and can be combined with other more serious or more deprived, as pants and skirt, shirt blouses, acinturada social with varied social style or mesh dresses the best quality”.

Hitting The Casual

In many places, the employees dress more comfortable on Fridays, but that doesn’t mean you can come up with a look underdressed. “The casual attire of Friday the jeans are most welcome. But be careful, it must be or appear to be new. Work on top (with a touch of elegance) and feet too: bet on shoes with brighter colors or prints. Sneakers or Sandalsmore comfortable are also a good option, but avoid flats”, recommends Pro. When in doubt, it’s worth asking with your human resources manager.