Hidden Radio Icons Revealed in iOS 6.1

Apple makes seemingly ready to add some sort of radio service or feature on the iPhone and iPad.

When the iPhone and iPad users jailbreak their products, provide not only the opportunity to personalize and modify in the system.

It can also detect upcoming features that Apple goes and grapple with.

Our site took some new files as they rummaged around in the music app on a jailbroken iPad with iOS 6.1. You mentioned several variations of radio icons or buttons, which, however, could not be found on the iPhone.

First thought might be that Apple only makes ready to deploy regular radiostreaming like in iTunes on your computer. The above files, however, include “buy”, and it puts additional time in the rumor mill for a payment service with custom radio stations based on specific songs and artists. Pandora radio service works this way.

Another possibility is to “buy” reference refers to a function from the iPod Nano with FM radio. Here it is possible to tag a song you hear on the radio, thus making it easier to find and buy it via iTunes. On iPhone and iPad could this feature be hosted on a streaming-radio instead of FM radio.