Heartburn During Pregnancy, Natural Remedies

Tips and natural remedies to relieve and fight the heartburn during pregnancy.

Heartburn, as well as nausea, afflicts most pregnant women.

Responsible for this annoyance is the progesterone, the hormone that relaxes the muscles of the body and that, alas, during pregnancy, also relaxes the esophagus, valve member to block the transit of acid in the stomach.

Fortunately, there are strategies and natural remedies to stop this phenomenon.

Here are some tips to fight heartburn during pregnancy:

If the problem occurs primarily in the morning, avoid the big breakfast and eat little by little throughout the morning, with small bites.

No fat and snacks; best fresh fruit and dried food.

Just like when we’re pregnant, over-power concentrated in a few meals may give heartburn; instead of three meals a day, therefore, we should make 5-6 smaller meals and ben long with maternity clothing.

Relax and enjoy meals helps not eat excessively.

Sip liquids throughout the day helps to keep the heartburn. Fluid intake should be away from main meals and not only with large amounts of water when you are thirsty, but also with herbal teas and juices away from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Chamomile is a good muscle relaxer.

Avoid coffee, chocolate and acidic foods.

Avoid salt and salty foods.

After a meal, it’s good to go for a walk.

SSE have to do work at home, be careful not to overdo it with stress. Ditto in the Office! Lie down, relax, read a book and keep to bend helps to relax the stomach and esophagus.

If heartburn occurs primarily during the night, the solution is only one: do not eat for at least three hours before bedtime.

You should also try to avoid drinking fluids a few hours before bedtime.

Simply put, anything that helps make the digestion process is certainly an important ally against heartburn during pregnancy.