Green Eyes Type Makeup

Mysterious and unfathomable: green eyes are already an eyecatcher. As you can give you with the appropriate eye make-up even more radiance, you can find out here.

The eye make-up is an important part of the beauty care and should always be chosen according to type. Not only the shape, but also the color of the eyes is decisive. Not every make-up fits to every eye color. Therefore, you should pay attention to the color of green eyes.We show you how you are dressed up in everyday life, at the next party or in the job always top – and especially type-fair.

Green eyeshadows – the colors

The choice of the make-up color depends not only on the color of the eyes, but also on the color of your hair and the type of skin you are.

In general, however, the choice of eyeshadow is as follows: earth tones such as brown or beige harmonize particularly well with green eyes.Complementary paints are also very good as eye-catchers – in the case of green eyes are the delicate rose and lilac tones.

Green-eyed women who have a dark complexion can also underline the glow of your eyes with gold tones. Not recommended however are blue and turquoise. How so? Cold shades take green eyes to their natural radiance, make the eye part look quickly out-dated. Even yellow and turquoise eyeshadows can quickly catch the eye.

Party make-up for green eyes

Whether at the rushing disco night or cozy in the next cocktail bar – in the evening green eyes sparkle. Smoky eyes in dark gray and lilac tones, for example, lift your rare eye color even more and give it a radiance. According to makeupnecessities, for an expressive eye make-up also lash the eyelashes with mascara.The finishing touches are your Smokey Eyes, with dark kjal or eyeliner along the eyelash rim or the lower inner eyelid.

But be careful: If you already have small eyes, you should do without dark shades with eyeshadows and eyeliner better. Instead, use lighter shades or leave the eyeliner straight away. Even with a particularly light complexion, dark colors can lead to too hard a contrast. Consider this when you paint your eyes, and instead use lighter shades of gray. It is also recommended to use eyeshadows in different shades of color and to let the darker color run gently into the lighter ones.