Google’s Barley Even Phone Takes Big Step

Google now with a phone, you can put the parts in, and now publishes the search giant tools and guidelines for the modules.

Google has released a ‘Module Developer Kit’, which lays guidelines for the modules, module-Google phone is intended for use, so that developers can begin work on them. This is an important step in the direction of realizing your phone, you can determine the content of.

In the 81-page document from Google it appears, among other things, that Google hopes that many of the modules that should drive your phone will come from third parties.

Google has also created guidelines on, among other things, the thickness of the modules in order to make it possible to give the phones a more streamlined appearance, like that of course, the phone will run Android.

The Americans are also inside with plans to create an online marketplace to help customers find the right parts to their phones.