Google+ Wins Pages Administrators and Volume of Circles

Today Google announced that once again heard the complaints and requests of users Google+ and will stop copying the Facebook implement some of the suggestions they have to improve their social network. Also other new features have also been added and include greater control in circles and some changes in the notifications that are shown by nothing intrusive higher barrinha: they must become more elegant.

The volume of a circle of control, despite sound like the beginning of a physical exercise is for you to determine how much people updates this group appears in the main stream. Just go in the specific circle stream and slide the pin to select whether you want to see all or only the most important updates. Or none of the updates if you have made ​​a circle with annoying relatives, for example. In total there are 4 different options.

Another novelty is the presence of more descriptive notifications and less tedious. Before you had to guess what each of them meant, except on occasions when someone added you in a circle or posts marked with a +1. The new session notifications will display the first words of a comment, the text and the name of people who shared something specifically with you and stuff.

In the list of requests made ​​more and who were treated are improved support pages for brands and companies. Since it began allowing such pages, Google+ left only the creator manage it. Now you can choose up to 50 different people to manage a page, just that the creator of the page add them by email in the site settings. Notifications to specific pages were also more descriptive.

Finally, Google+ gained a cuter image gallery, with a lightbox completely redesigned. Early Christmas gift for anyone who did not like the old gallery and all your links mess, slow, side comments and other annoying little things.

I think the changes are very welcome, but Google is not doing anything beyond what is necessary to not let irrelevant Google+.