Google Updates iOS App with Google Now

Google today released an update to its main application for iOS, the application search .The main novelty is something that Android users have known for nearly a year. Google Now After a few months of rumors and speculation, Google’s assistant arrives today to users of the mobile platform of Apple, although it has some limitations.

For those who do not remember or did not have a compatible Android, Google Now is Google smart assistant. It displays cards with information that may be relevant to users, according to their habits. IOS, Google Now has support for items such as: temperature, routes, scores of games, Gmail and other items. The description of the application also says that with the passing of days of use, the forecasts will be best and most relevant information in the cards.

Unlike Android, the update of the Google Now card is not automatic. You have to open the application so that they are updated. There is also no support for events, activities summary or tickets as there is in Google’s system. Support for certain languages ​​is also not complete: on Android, users can ask certain questions in Brazilian Portuguese that the Google app will show you the answer . IOS, in English only it is possible.

The application is free, it is now available in the Apple store and supports both the iPhone 5 on the iPad.

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