Google Improves Panel on Airline Flights

When bought data company ITA aviation, we know that Google ready was something with the software the firm developed. Well, the launch of Google Flights happened some time later with information easily searchable on flights from one corner to another, entitled to the amounts charged by airlines.

Now the data on flights returning to search normal Google seamlessly.

The functionality existed before, but got better as shown in the screenshot at the beginning of the article. By using the formula “flights from place x to place y ” (in English of course), the Google algorithm automatically understand that they are two different places and tells you which are the flights in which times and which airlines.

The flights panel provided by Google lets you modify the departure and return dates. Shows, in addition to airlines, travel time, something important in order to plan the time that remained in this or that place. And the values, of course, are “from”. Just do not ask me if they include or not airport charges, something that sites like in Brazil only say after you’ve cheered up to take the bridge airways for $ 49.90.

The bad news: it works only with domestic flights in the United States. If you plan a trip backpacking style to the land of Uncle Sam, is still a good choice.

The resource is in the release process. It should appear for all users in the coming days, according to the company.