Google Glass Will Be Tested by the United States Air Force

BATMAN, Tom Cruise and Google Glass will be United in the United States air force.

No it’s not a bad B-movie. The United States air force, Air Force, is testing Google Glass as part of exploring the technological options that can improve the pilots ‘ opportunities in dangerous missions.

But what has it to do with BATMAN? BATMAN is an abbreviation of “The Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided Knowledge research team. The folks who found on the abbreviation comprised probably not dictation test in elementary school, but it is an entertaining name on his show makes good sense. Google Glass used in “BATMAN” to inform the pilots on missions and information can come from a database, or be simple communication and stream videos between the pilots, the officers and the rest of the air force.

The US Air Force had also not Google Glass directly from Google and there is no agreement between the two, but the air force was quite “ordinary” pioneers in Glass Explorer project.

The U.S. Navy is also in the process of making their own version of a Google product, just like a similar Glass part official arms suppliers are expected to be on the stairs with secured Google Glass products.

What do you think? Is the military become too high-tech, or the fat that they explore technological methods to improve it?