Google Glass Can Be Purchased by Anyone, But Only 1 Day

Google Glass has been in quite a few people’s hands, but Google will put Glass for sale in the United States, but only one day.

Google Glass appears in the news once in a while, and the reason for that Glass will not be seen more often, probably because there are not many products in customers ‘ hands. In all, there are only 10,000 units purchased from developers and companies through a special Google Glass project.

But now, Google will put their Glass model for sale for anyone who wants to buy the device. Unfortunately it is only in the United States and only for a day. Then you are in the United States or do you know of any, so they will be put on sale at 9 am ET.

With Google Glass follows either the glass with the strength or Sunglass glass. You can find the link to where you need to buy Google Glass here.

You need to have Google Glass or is it even a bit too geeky?