Google Docs Debut New Look

The Google Docs is the new giant of service Mountain View undergoing a redesign. Its interface has been completely changed, this time to comply with the same style that came first to Google Calendar (or Calendar, as you prefer) and Gmail in previous weeks. As you can see in the picture, the designers Google+ are doing school there at the Googleplex, the company’s office complex in the United States.

Explaining the redesign, Google says it is working to provide an “improved and consistent web experience” of all its products. Given that the Docs offers web applications greatly appreciated, as the text editor, it was expected that sooner or later, the change also came to this group of services.

To test the new look of Docs just click “Try the new look” option that appears next to the tool search integrated to the home page of the service. Google Docs will recharge, this time with the latest look on.

One of the complaints of those tests the new Google product interface (including my complaint) is the height of the items, which appears larger than necessary. As in the new Gmail, the user can adjust the Docs to display items with the width of the lower lines. Go in the settings and check “Use denser view” (use denser view, in free translation). Thus, you can see more items on the same screen.

The change for now concerns only the Google Docs homepage. If you expect to see the revamped interface of Google products in web apps itself, you will still have to wait a bit, because they continue with the same look that we already know.

The new Google Docs design has not been released for users of Google Apps – mode in which Google services are used by corporate groups.

If I liked? Well, I’m not a designer, so I have no feedback to speak from a professional point of view of the thing. As a user, I keep wondering the new interface adopted in Google products. I think still missing mainly more color shades in the palette approved by the company.