Google Currents Presents Butting Heads with Flipboard

Coincidence little is silly. In the same week that Flipboard presented after months and months of delay, the version of the iPhone app, the Google shows a competitor and so much to him. The Google Currents was announced today as the ideal way to consume content on the smartphone or tablet.

The operation is pretty much the same. After closing partnerships with no less than 150 US content companies, including Gizmodo, CNET , All Things Digital  and other heavyweights of specialized media technology, the web giant is free to present these contents with a garment a little more nice for those who want to read on mobile or tablet.

Initially, Google Currents is available for iOS and Android In both, with specific versions for tablet and phone. This means that face Google already embraces a multitude of compatible software devices.

To enter the application you must first inform username and Google Account password. The standard procedure, so. Can you choose the content sources from categories

Like a story? Just like Flipboard, Google Currents lets you share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ (of course) and other services. Including Instapaper, dedicated exclusively to create lists of further reading that no one reads. It does not support the Read It Later, unfortunately.

In addition to the partner companies, the user can subscribe to RSS feeds, use the signatures present in Google Reader and add streams of people on Google+, the social network Google.

How good it is to be American, Google Currents is available only to users “of that country.” The term goes in quotes because I could not download the app from Android Market, but could access it in the Apple App Store, where my account is listed as US resident.

I played with Google Currents iPad. Actually the features are very similar to Flipboard. Between them? habit of question and choice. As my Flipboard has integration with Read It Later, I get it.

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