Google Can Expand Its Own Range with Silver Series

Android Silver is allegedly the name of a project to give Google more high-end products than their Nexus-line.

‘Android Silver’ is allegedly the name of a project from Google, which should give Americans more units in style with the Nexus series, which will be created by different manufacturers, but which is primarily Google’s own.

Products in the series should be high-end, and Google is apparently ready to invest a billion dollars in the project. 

In return for the investment, which should go to the development and marketing of harware manufacturers, Google gets more control over those devices that fall under the Android Silver.

The control can be, for example, the ability to determine what software, as the device is born with, and what requirements there are for your hardware, for example, if the device must be waterproof.

Keep rumors connector, is the well in line with the fact that Google has started selling their own units in the Nexus series in several countries, including Denmark.