Go Outdoors Sleeping Bags Vango

One of the most important steps in preparing for camping, camping or long mountain path is the choice of sleeping bag. What is the function of sleeping bags? – Preserve the heat emitted from the body, keeping immobile air near it. Warmed, it creates a barrier between you and the cold air outside.

The values ​​for the temperature range in which the bag is effective are indicative. Not universal, because everyone has a different metabolism and preferences. If in doubt when choosing a sleeping bag prices, better choose the one that will warm more. If you have to spend the night at high altitude or in very cold weather, buy a sleeping bag Vango value of comfort at least -10 degrees.

The effectiveness of each sleeping bag is determined by many factors. To warm the best possible way, you should use a mat that will insulate from the cold ground. If you sleep on snow, it is best to undergo two mattresses. When camping in a tent she kept an extra layer of air that is warmed and also keep you from freezing temperatures outside. If you lie down in sleeping bag well dressed, this will increase the heat. Recharge your body with fluids and food – break down food during sleep heated body.

The shape is also important when choosing the right sleeping bag as lightweight camping equipment The model mummy follows the curves of your body. There hood that perfectly isolate your head from the cold after you fasten with cord. There is no space for movement of the legs, but the air in the sleeping bag mummy is warming much faster.
Many of you prefer to use the combined model – a rectangular sleeping bag Vango hood. It allows freedom of movement, but the air it harder warms. It is also larger than the type of mummy and heavier. Suitable for warmer weather, for indoor and holidays at low altitude. In your plus is if you choose rectangular sleeping bag with goodies – opening the zipper up and transform into a wide blanket or joining two bags in one.

Extremely important is the filling of sleeping bags Vango, which offers online store. For winter and alpine tourism excellent isolating sleeping bag from natural goose down – high quality feathers and down from ducks and geese. Down sleeping bags endured decades more than the synthetic. It is important that the filling is fixed – by seams that do not allow insulation to rearrange. Bird down is ultra-light and in combination with your body creates incredible heat. The only minus of this filling is that when wet dries very slowly.
The other type of insulation in sleeping bags is filled with synthetic hollow fibers arranged in layers. In the more expensive models the upper layer is a double-layer and has a lattice 3D structure for maximum heat retention. Synthetic sleeping bags Vango have the following advantages – insulated even if filling is moist, dry very quickly, cheaper they are.

Of any sleeping bag you need, you’ll find it at us. We offer you quality Scottish sweet dreams.