Gift Ideas for Babies from 6 to 12 Months

After giving toy ideas for babies from 0 to 6 months, I’m being charged for gift tips for older children. You rule! So today I tell my perception of that pleases babies from 6 to 12 months (for you to have fun remembering this phase of your son or, if it is not mom, not paying mico on the purchase date).

Gift Ideas for Babies from 6 to 12 Months

This phase of the life of babies is really amazing, because they begin to sit and many, before completing 1 year, are already walking! Engine’s point of view, is a very intense change. The 6 months they are still tweaking the hold of objects; by the age of 9 or 10 months, want more is leaving the place crawling with 1 year and want to take your steps without Mommy’s hand to help. You’ll notice that a baby of 6 months you still care about many of the things that please most young babies, like rattles and teething rings. And as time goes by, they start to prefer toys to fit, tap, shake … Let the ideas?

Chenille (to develop the fofurice): babies love hugging the dolls! Can be a simple bug or something more elaborate, and plays music. In no time they learn to push to make the toy play! Some options in the market:

Books: Yes, you can enter the baby the wonderful world of reading! Large images, simple, colorful, arouse the attention of the small. There are options with sounds, babies find quite amusing (even better if the button is easy to press, so that he himself can trigger it). Prefer the books of tissue (the baby will still put it in the mouth) or thick paper. Catherine had this and loved it!

To develop the perception of space and motor coordination: at this age, the baby will learn concepts of space as in, out, up, down… Large blocks to stack or that can be placed within other parts of the toy are successful! Catherine loved that giraffe, that each block to “swallow” a sound:

And these jars to stack also remained for a long time on the requests here at home (the coolest thing is that, in addition to stack, can be joined in twos to form 5 balls of different sizes).

To develop the notion of permanence of objects: before completing 1 year, the baby starts playing hide and seek with Mommy. Cover your face with your hands and then find out the face is a big surprise for him. It is important that the baby begins to develop the notion of permanence of objects, even for you to feel safer when you understand how an individual separated from its mother. I loved this mailbox (Catherine was long entertained with her!).She loved opening and closing to see if what was inside was still there. In addition, play music, speech, encourages the baby to fit the letters on the top opening.

To encourage the crawl: your baby is lazy? Then put a toy that moves close to him and let him try! Of bit in bit, he will be there! Catherine won this ball here (imported, very cool to ask if you know someone who go abroad), which rolls alone, plays music and calls the baby for more joke!

For bath time: as the baby will begin to sit without your help, you can leave some pets in the water so he can play in the bath. These are pressing for squirting water, very fun!

And your baby, what I liked when I was that age? Tell us and help other moms to choose a gift for your (or other!) baby!

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