Get Your Personal Development Boosted with New Application

Get introduced to what coaching is all about and how it can be used in your everyday life through the new application.

Test yourself, get useful PEP talks and get inspired to development and a higher quality of life. All together using the new application “Mobile Coach”.

-“We have created the application, so that more can discover coaching as a tool to develop and achieve greater quality of life. Many people can do a lot more than they themselves think and here is coaching a great tool to achieve the full benefits of life and become the best version of themselves. In coaching people are working with the challenges the individual has right now, and in a solution-oriented process to identify and find its own competencies and learn to use them, “says entrepreneur Christian M.

Christian M has developed application Mobile Coach, together with the creative information technology contractor Thomas Christoffersen and Diana Laa Laa from Coaching.

-“The app is the first of its kind on the market, and with the move the coaching over at the mobile platforms. Mobile Coach is your very own personal coach who can be included in your pocket and consulted, just when you need it, “says Diana Laa.

The application can do for you

You choose first which area you want to test your current status on based on the possibilities of life; love, relationships, career, health/health, economy, recreation, spirituality and passion.

Once you have selected this gets you 20 different issues where you can think you thoroughly before you submit your answers. Subsequent gives you answers to the application, where you are going and you can then choose whether you want “peptalk”, “coach me” or “take the test again”.

With peptalken, you can choose to receive daily, weekly or monthly motivated opråd received as notifications.

-“It’s about being aware of who you are and where you are. Through testing, you get taken the temperature of your life and achieve a greater awareness of important choices and priorities in life, “explains Diana Laa.

Application Mobile Coach gives the possibility of coaching in all situations and times 24/7, however, it cannot replace a consultation with a real coach, but must be seen as help for self-help.

You can download the Mobile Coach app free for iPad and iPhone in Apple’s App Store, it is also available in a paid version without advertisements to 13 dollars in Apple’s App Store. There is also an Android version on the way.