Get a Blistered Lock Screen on Your Windows Phone with App Blur [Tip]

If the lock screen to peppes up on your Windows Phone, so you can give it a transparent look with this app.

As we previously chronicled in the story Leaked: Windows Phone 8.1 brings new look to Start the page, so will the Start page in Windows Phone 8.1, give users even more options for personalization.

Microsoft gave by displaying the new update also a sneak peek at the new lock screens, which in the future can give your Windows Phone smartphone a distinctive Zing. Like most avid readers are already aware, so can the update available for download, but only by developers in the first place.

Would you anyway to spice up the lock screen up with a modern look, so check just the free Blur app from Windows Phone Store here. The app can create the illusion that your lock screen is transparent, and so finds itself on top of your Start page. Udseendetsmæssigt does it work a little, as we know from Apple’s iOS designed 7, and so anyway not.

-Well, get started by downloading the app from the link above. Then take a screen shot of the home page on your Windows Phone. You do this by holding down the Start button on the front inside at the same time as the on/off button on the side (you hear a sound of the camera shutter).

-Then Start the app.

-Now press the “Choose” button, and then find your screenshot of the home page (or whatever else you wish).

-On the slider at the bottom, you can determine the “Blur” (blur)-the effect of your new lock screen. Press “Blur” to add the effect.

-Then you can via “Make BG” (Enter as låsekærm)-button to quickly add your blurry effect to your phone.
Note: Unlike transparent effect we look at iOS 7, then there are here just talking about an image that gives the illusion of the same appearance.